Zaeem Mirza

Social Media Landscape In MENA 1

The social media landscape in the Middle East and North Africa has been an evolving affair. The ease of access and the two-way communication technology has fostered increased interaction and dialogue with people not only using this medium to communicate with their relatives/friends regularly but also for engaging with brands […]

Twitter Embraces All Things ‘Promoted’ 1

Now, twitter is one medium that seems to be doing a whole lot of things right in the middle of so many wrongs. What wrongs you ask? Well, the current PRISM-related allegations have rocked Facebook and Google among other social media and internet giants, but Twitter remains out of this […]

My Grocery Store Sent Me My Next Month’s Shopping List…Well Almost 2

  Reliance One card (the loyalty card for Reliance retail brand across Reliance Fresh, Reliance Autozone, Reliance MART, and so on) sent me an e-mailer (the usual loyalty points summary + offers) and it included a simple graphical break-up of my shopping patterns at their stores. It tells me how […]

West Bay, Qatar

Social Media In Qatar 3

In 2006, TIME named ‘You’ as the Person of the Year. The easy access to real time information which resulted in further shrinking of the globe and the coming together of cultures and communities, triggered TIME to put ‘You’ at the forefront. ‘You’ referred to the individual, any individual, who […]