How Steal-Proof Is Your Online Identity?

We all have been told a billion times about how important it is to keep our online identity safe. About how imperative it is to not share personal data, financial details and any information that can potentially harm us and our bank balance. But of course, not all of us pay heed. Every now and then, there is a lapse on our end and our personal security takes a beating. There are ‘sharks’ and ‘lurkers’ only waiting to make the best of such lapses, to make our identity theirs and to steal everything we’ve got.

Banks, from among all other entities, are usually sending out emails and messages warning us against such errors, urging us to be vigilant. Thus, it is interesting to see Belgium bank, Febelfin, go all out and actually ‘commit’ a fraud. This method of sending out a cautionary message is freaky, scary, and exaggerated even. But it sure stands out from the crowd.

Let me know what you make of it.