The Power of Digital Technology @IMT, Nagpur, India 5

Hello Guys!

It was great to speak at length on Digital Technology @IMT, Nagpur!

Apart from the sprawling (and green) campus, what I quite liked was the spirit of the students. In my short stay on campus, I could see the multiple activities initiated by students and faculty alike. There was a sense of responsibility and accountability in everything you do (coming in from the second year) as well as the fresh enthusiasm pumped in by the first years!

I was glad to listen and understand and chat, and be of help to the participants of the one-on-one session as well as the group discussion we all had late in the evening.

On our session front, I hope I could add some value to your current knowledge and that you guys enjoyed it. Yes, I agree we need to have more sessions that get into the details of each of the topics we touched. I already have been invited once again on campus by your management and I will be glad to continue our relationship and discussion where we left from.

While I have your attention, do not hesitate to get in touch with me for any assistance you may need and feel free to add me on LinkedIn here

Finally, I will appreciate if you can add your feedback (as comments below) for me as well as the session — good and/or bad — or just a simple ‘hi.’ 🙂