Coca-Cola Icebreaker – A Digital Campaign Or A Match-Making Ploy?

No matter how busy I am, a new and brilliant digital campaign always catches my eye. And the cherry on the cake is when what catches my eye is an on-ground + digital campaign. I came across the latest Coke campaign in China called ‘Coca-Cola Icebreaker’ which makes me think, […]

Politically Correct 2

Most non-political people try to be usually politically correct. Almost all politicians always want to be ‘votebank-ally’ correct.

Good And Evil

The evil acts of yesterday are considered as the noble acts of today. And the evil acts of today will be considered as the noble acts of tomorrow. Unfortunately, this will go on until the end of the world.

Summer Vacations

As I look back, I understand that I enjoyed and learnt much more in the vacations than when the school was on.

Measuring Success

People generally measure success by what they have accomplished. I think it’s faulty as well as misleading. I prefer measuring success by what I should have accomplished with my ability.