Digital Marketing @XIC ADMA 2013 Batch 15

Hello Folks!

I am writing this post to record my association with each of you — and the amazing batch you guys are a part of!

I sure had the privilege to be your first trainer/facilitator in the year-long course. I hope I could add some value to your current knowledge and that you guys have absorbed the fundas of digital media, marketing, its tools, resources, and so on. Also, it was good to see the group project submissions from each of your teams — in the limited time, and resources you had, I think you’ll have done a good job!

I thoroughly enjoyed the 8-dayish workshop-like sessions — hope you guys did have fun too.

Finally, now that I have put in your grades and sent to XIC (and have no authority to change them!), I will really value your feedback (good/bad, or a plain ‘hello’) as well as thoughts from you all in the form of comments below. Look forward to see you guys again! You’ll have been great participants.

*Image: xaviercomm dot org