Digital Marketing @XIC ADMA 2013 Batch 15

Hello Folks!

I am writing this post to record my association with each of you — and the amazing batch you guys are a part of!

I sure had the privilege to be your first trainer/facilitator in the year-long course. I hope I could add some value to your current knowledge and that you guys have absorbed the fundas of digital media, marketing, its tools, resources, and so on. Also, it was good to see the group project submissions from each of your teams — in the limited time, and resources you had, I think you’ll have done a good job!

I thoroughly enjoyed the 8-dayish workshop-like sessions — hope you guys did have fun too.

Finally, now that I have put in your grades and sent to XIC (and have no authority to change them!), I will really value your feedback (good/bad, or a plain ‘hello’) as well as thoughts from you all in the form of comments below. Look forward to see you guys again! You’ll have been great participants.

*Image: xaviercomm dot org

  • Hi Zaeem!

    I found the lectures straight up amazing, having come from a digital advertising background myself (and not having known many of the things you taught before this). The hands on business project was very much required although I guess we could’ve done with a bit more time on that one…but life isn’t always, well, fair, so it’s still cool. Overall I liked all sessions even though I joined late and unfortunately missed a few crucial ones. We need more of these…true talk!

    Cheers / Shukriya ! (:

    • Yes, I could have given more than 2 weeks for the project reports but then I knew you would get another pile of projects by that time! And I quite dislike working on more than 2 projects at once. 🙂

      Thanks for your feedback — will be glad to see you and class again!

  • Srikant Kanchi

    In a sea of boring, repetitive and sometimes inhumane classes, your’s was the one that completely defied the so-established norm, in a brilliant way. The classes were not only informative and enlightening, they were also astoundingly entertaining as well. Something I never expected from college lectures. I loved your attitude towards academics and the students. I felt like an equal and a valued contributor to the learning process. Hopefully, we will run into more lectures like yours during the course of these classes.

    Cheers! and Shukriya.
    Srikant Kanchi

    • Thanks, Srikant, for the feedback! I quite like your writing style too 🙂

  • Ananya Dixit

    Your classes served as a perfect introduction to ADMA for me and kept me captivated throughout. 🙂
    I also wish though that we had a litttle longer for the project since Rent A Dress really did want to go live! But nevertheless, I learnt a lot, thanks!

    • Yes, Ananya, like I told you guys before, I was glad to be your first facilitator at XIC’s ADMA batch! Don’t worry — your e-Venture on Rent-A-Dress will see the light of the day should you work on it and go BIG!

  • Paresh Pahuja

    Hello Zaeem. Hope you’re well.
    I don’t know many words from the dictionary. But all I want to say is, you’re one of the finest teachers I’ve ever come across. I never thought learning could be this fun. In fact, now you’ve created a little problem for us. We expect every lecturer to be as interesting as you.

    Thank you for showing us the digital world from a different angle. The way I look at Google and Facebook now is altogether different. I wish we had more sessions.

    Personally, I’m serious about digital as a career option. I guess I’ll need your guidance in future. Hope to see you again.

    Paresh Pahuja

    • Haha! I need to be careful then that I don’t bump into other lecturers 🙂
      Jokes apart, trust me, I always feel learning, in most cases, must be fun!
      And I am glad that I have had the privilege to open the digital world for you. Yes — feel free to get in touch with me whenever you need…just about any thing.


  • Mahima Mathur

    My understanding of the digital world was mostly limited to half-heartedly shoving a Facebook page somewhere in a campaign. Your classes changed all that.
    Thank you for the extremely delightful experience that your module was.

    We hope for another one.


    • Hey Mahima, thanks for the feedback and comment…and yes, I look forward to seeing you guys once again soon!

  • Kartikeya Tiwari

    Hey Zaeem,
    I think the people who’ve commented before me have said all true thing about your lectures. I personally loved the sessions. Coming from a humble digital background myself, I loved the insights that were given into the working of Google Ads and more importantly LinkedIn (which I never took so seriously earlier). Your teaching method and the class environment was very conducive to learning while enjoying.

    I also had the experience of dancing in your class once, something I doubt will be repeated at XIC. And the number of times you asked me to wash my face may just have made my skin better. Thanks for that!

    I am looking at a future in digital for certain. So I will probably be bugging you to help me land a job or internship (I WANT TO BE AT GOOGLE!!!). Yes, I’m cheap and shameless like that. Do come back and visit us whenever you’re in town.


  • Manasi

    Hey Zaeem,
    I am pretty late in giving my views, but just like everyone else put it, you created this benchmark and its strong and steady. Although I really wish there were more sessions on Analytics.

    However earlier I might have said Google and Facebook or twitter, Now i can say (I know what goes inside) Google and Facebook, at least marketing wise.

    Marketing was my career option now the only change is its the ‘e’ way!

    Thanks for everything. Hope we see you soon 🙂


  • For me (and I am sure for most of us) your lecture was something that brought about a completely a new approach to learning. Never did i see so much of energy running through the whole class. I loved each sessions, Your charm really worked for us (now that many people are opting for Digital!). The passion that you have to teach, truly shows. I am glad that I had the privilege to work under your guidance. Thank You Zaeem. Your the Best 🙂

  • Swati Bajpai

    Its been 5 months in this course and I still miss my Digital Marketing sessions. The sessions were excellent and have given me so much to work on. Thank you so much. I sincerely wish we could have a session with towards the end of this course.

    • Woo! Thanks, Swati for your thoughts. I am traveling out on business but inshaallah if I am in Mumbai again will be glad to meet you guys. Appreciate your comments.