eBranding Strategy @ SIOM, Nashik 6

While I am still wondering what galactic entity SIOM is — pronounced as SEEOM? — I will appreciate if you guys pass on the feedback (good/bad/ugly) and your thoughts about me, the session, and digital marketing in general, not necessarily in this order :P, as comments below! You’ve been a […]

Digital Marketing Strategy Project

Project Pointers And FAQs The Project A Digital Marketing/Advertising Strategy For A Website/Web Portal – What is the project about? You need to create a website and then plan a marketing/advertising strategy for your chosen topic – Can I take an existing website and do the project on it? Mumbai […]

Direct Marketing Individual Assignment

Direct Marketing Individual Assignment – Tool Collection And Review Ideal Project Flow – Collect as many physical/non-digital DM tools as possible – Direct mailers, brochures, catalogs, handouts, and so on – Get each of them approved for submission (20 in your case) – Write a short review on each of […]

Zaeem Mirza’s Industry Profile 6

Zaeem Mirza E: Personal Details Islam | May 8, 1985 | Indian | Male | Married LinkedIn Profile Specialties Advertising, Internet Marketing, Strategy, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Optimization (SMO, SMM), E-Commerce, Digital Public Relations (PR), Brand Management, Digital, Online Analytics Professional Industry […]